Social Security launches new site for mobile users but they do not answer their phone

I tend to be somewhat critical of the Social Security Administration but I give them credit when it is due.  This time around, I am critical of them.  They recently announced on their website that they have created a new mobile optimized site for smartphone mobile users.  If you go to their site: using your smartphone, you now should find it easier to navigate.  Users can access frequently asked questions, instructions on how to obtain a new SSN card and mobile publications which users can listen to on their phones.
This is all great if you have an unlimited data plan and you feel like spending your time cruising around the Social Security website.  Of course, if you try to call their 800 number using a smartphone, you will use up all your minutes and then incur additional charges.  Despite all of the advances in technology they have not found a way to help you when you call.  You will be placed on indefinite hold and then when you reach a live person, you are unlikely to obtain a real answer to your question.  Perhaps they should place their limited resources in assisting the public the “old-fashioned” way, by talking to people when they call.

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