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At the Law Office of Geri N. Kahn, we represent clients in seeking disability payments through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. Disabilities that impede a person’s ability to work often lead to serious physical, mental and financial burdens. As a caring and committed Social Security disability attorney, Geri Kahn understands the hardships faced by many San Francisco and Benicia clients and can help you access available financial support.

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An Overview of Supplemental Security Income

SSI is a program that gives monthly cash payments to U.S. adults and children with low income and resources and a qualifying disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) looks at the value of your income, savings and other resources (excluding your home) to determine if you meet the financial threshold. To qualify for SSI, an individual must be a U.S. citizen or, in some cases a permanent resident who is disabled, blind, or aged 65 or over.

Experienced Supplemental Security Income Law Firm

Obtaining SSI benefits has proven difficult for many applicants. In fact, data from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities found that 62% of SSI applications are denied. Working with a determined disability lawyer like Geri allows clients to lean on many years of experience navigating the SSI process. Whether you are making the first claim or appealing a decision, we can build the strongest possible case in your favor.

SSI Services for Disabled Individuals in California

  • Determine eligibility based on disability and financial requirements.
  • Complete application forms based on best practices.
  • Collect all relevant medical records from a client’s doctors.
  • Assess documents and create a plan to secure SSI approval.
  • Determine the reasons for a denial and submit an appeal.

In addition to helping clients apply for SSI benefits, Geri and her team can help evaluate eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Because the requirements to qualify for SSI and SSDI are different, it’s important that you have an experienced Social Security disability lawyer like Geri representing your best interests.

Common Questions About Supplemental Security Income

In addition to the monthly federal SSI payment, people in California also receive a State Supplementary Payment.

To get approved for SSI benefits, your countable resources or value of your possessions cannot exceed $2,000. For married couples, combined countable resources must be less than $3,000.

The amount of SSI payments you receive will go down if you start to receive more income. If your earnings exceed the amount eligible for SSI, payments will stop. However, payments can be reinstated if income falls again, unless 12 consecutive months have passed or your disability has improved.

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If you need guidance with the Supplemental Security Income program, the Law Office of Geri N. Kahn is here to help. As an experienced disability attorney, Geri Kahn helps clients obtain the benefits they need. To contact us, call our San Francisco office at (415) 397-5446 or our Benicia office at (707) 746-1813. Alternatively, you can request a legal consultation today.

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