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If you have a physical or mental disability and cannot work, you may be able to claim benefits under the U.S. SSDI program (Social Security Disability Insurance). At the Law Office of Geri N. Kahn, we help clients through the process of determining eligibility, applying for Social Security disability benefits and appealing any denial. Based in San Francisco and Benicia, Geri Kahn has a track record of assisting people in getting fair and prompt responses to their claims.

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Understanding Social Security Disability Insurance

SSDI is a monthly benefit payment for disabled people and certain family members who cannot work. Qualification for benefits is contingent on a person building up work credits through tax payments into the Social Security system.

With strict rules for obtaining benefits, it is necessary to prove your physical or mental impairment has lasted or will last for more than 12 months, or is likely to result in death. In addition, to qualify the disability must prevent a person’s ability to take on substantial levels of work.

Due to the strict criteria and frequency of claims denials, many people choose to hire a Social Security disability lawyer to support and guide them through the process of securing the monthly benefits they are entitled to.

Our Social Security Disability Insurance Services

Claiming disability benefits can be a confusing and frustrating experience. By hiring an experienced Social Security disability attorney like Geri, you get a committed ally to clarify the process. Here are some of the ways we can help.

  • Review your case – Get a better understanding of your case and explain the requirements.
  • Develop a strategy – Identify the best approach for obtaining benefits and managing any appeals.
  • Offer professional representation – Deal with the Social Security Administration (SSA) on your behalf.

Suppose that for some reason you are not eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). In such a case, you may still be able to receive assistance through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security disabled child benefits.

Common Questions About Social Security Disability Insurance

The Social Security Administration will require medical records and information about doctors, medical tests, medication and more when applying for SSDI. We can help identify and access all necessary information for an application.

You have 60 days to request an appeal in writing after an SSDI claim is denied. Speaking to a Social Security disability attorney can help identify a strategy for winning an appeal.

SSDI is frequently denied because a person has failed to provide detailed medical records, sends incomplete documentation or has not accumulated enough tax credits in the system.

Get Social Security Disability Insurance Help Today

The Law Office of Geri N. Kahn helps clients obtain benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance program. When you need assistance applying for SSDI benefits or appealing a decision, you can contact an experienced Social Security disability lawyer by calling our San Francisco office at (415) 397-5446 or our Benicia office at (707) 746-1813. Or, you may request a legal consultation now.

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