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The Law Office of Geri N. Kahn provides legal services in the fields of immigration and Social Security disability law. We deliver personalized and results-driven representation in the San Francisco Bay area. Geri Kahn is widely recognized for her commitment and attention to detail, ensuring that every client gets the attention they deserve. When you have an immigration or disability law issue that needs to be addressed, we are here to meet your needs.

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For individuals trying to acquire citizenship in the United States or receive financial support for a disability, the stakes are incredibly high. In addition, for those without a legal background, both immigration law and Social Security disability law can be quite complicated. Having a visa application or benefits claim denied will have a major impact on your future. This is why working with a dedicated attorney with an understanding of immigration and Social Security law is essential.

San Francisco Immigration Law Firm Services

As an immigration law firm in San Francisco, we work with a broad range of clients aiming to live and work in the United States. Because immigration is a central concern for many individuals, families and businesses across California, any delays, denials and complications are a source of frustration. By taking time to understand the individual needs of each client, Geri can create a personalized plan designed to produce favorable results.

Citizenship & Naturalization

Becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States can be a long and complicated process. A citizenship attorney can reduce the burden by determining eligibility and taking care of the application process for you. While there are no guarantees that a person will be accepted, professional representation from a citizenship lawyer will streamline the application process.

Employment Visas

Many San Francisco companies require qualified employees that must be sourced from around the world. However, the time from hiring an employee to obtaining a visa can be significant. As an experienced San Francisco employment immigration attorney, Geri helps businesses and their employees secure H visas, L visas, as well as other temporary and permanent work visas.

Family visas

A U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident can petition for a foreign family member to obtain a green card. However, family-based immigration is a complex process with various categories of eligibility. When guided by Geri and her legal team, clients have a strong advocate working on their behalf. From understanding the family preference categories to submitting petitioner files, our family visa legal services will take the stress out of the application process.

Political Asylum

For a person facing the prospect of persecution abroad, political asylum is central to their safety and well-being. Because asylum law is a challenging field with frequent changes to the process, hiring an asylum attorney is the best way to safeguard your residency in the United States and avoid removal proceedings.

Removal Proceedings

Sadly, removal proceedings are a reality for many who have settled in California. When a person faces deportation from the United States, this issue may be overcome with the help of a San Francisco-based removal proceedings law firm. Though most cases are difficult and require close attention to detail, a consultation with an attorney can identify ways to to apply for immigration status.

San Francisco Social Security Disability Law Firm

Social Security disability laws impact the lives of many disabled citizens in San Francisco, and this will only increase as the population ages and laws change. Receiving a monthly payment is essential for those who cannot perform the activities required in full-time employment. With many years of assisting clients with Social Security law, Geri works tirelessly to secure SSDI and SSI benefits for those that need them the most.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is available for disabled people who meet the requirements for FICA taxes paid. However, each year many applications from disabled people are denied. A Social Security disability lawyer can simplify the SSDI approval process by collecting medical records, filing an application and representing you during SSDI hearings.

Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) typically provides lower monthly payments than SSDI, but there is no requirement to have paid into the tax system. Geri understands the importance of SSI payments for those who are disabled and have limited financial resources. Her compassion and diligence ensures that clients will be in the best position to receive SSI benefits without delay.

San Francisco Immigration and Social Security Disability Attorney Services

When you need the guidance of an experienced immigration and Social Security disability attorney, contact the Law Office of Geri N. Kahn. We assist clients with a range of services, including citizenship, family visas, Social Security disability and more. To reach our San Francisco law office, call (415) 397-5446 or request a legal consultation today.

San Francisco Social Security Disability & Immigration Law Firm

The Law Office of Geri N. Kahn assists San Francisco Bay Area residents with immigration and Social Security disability cases.
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Getting approved for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult. With denials on the rise, having an experienced SSDI attorney can be the difference