Legal Consultation With an Immigration and Social Security Disability Attorney

Are you struggling through a Social Security disability application or appeal? Trying to get your loved one a visa? While finding the right attorney can be challenging, the trusted Law Office of Geri N. Kahn has over 30 years of experience with these legal matters.

We can help with all types of immigration or Social Security disability cases. To get started, request a legal consultation today with the Law Office of Geri N. Kahn.

    We Have Law Office Locations in San Francisco and Benicia

    Our California law offices are conveniently located in San Francisco and Benicia. We serve the residents of the San Francisco Bay Area and its surrounding communities.

    During your legal consultation, you will sit down with a member of Geri Kahn’s team. You will share an overview of your situation and ask any questions that you may have. We will answer your questions and list the next steps that need to be taken. If you choose to let us help you, we will begin the legal process as soon as possible.

    Our Legal Practice Areas

    The Law Office of Geri N. Kahn offers legal services in immigration and nationality law, as well as Social Security disability law. Geri works with various U.S. agencies as she assists her clients in these practice areas.

    Immigration Law Areas of Focus

    Understanding U.S. immigration and nationality law can be challenging. When trying to navigate complex applications and legal proceedings, Geri is a name to be trusted. Shown below are some of the immigration legal services provided by the Law Office of Geri N. Kahn.

    Citizenship and Naturalization

    Geri is an experienced citizenship attorney who wants to help others achieve their goal of becoming a U.S. citizen. The Law Office of Geri N. Kahn is dedicated to preparing a comprehensive application that will meet the high standards of the immigration system.


    There are many categories of visas, including over 20 types of non-immigrant visas for a temporary stay in the United States. Whether you’re needing an employment visa for work or a family visa so that a loved one can relocate to be with you, the Law Office of Geri N. Kahn can advise you on the eligibility requirements and help provide representation.

    Political Asylum

    Under U.S. law, people facing persecution in their home countries can apply for asylum. The Law Office of Geri N. Kahn assists those seeking asylum throughout the process of obtaining permanent residence and citizenship in the United States.

    Social Security Disability Law Focus Areas

    The Law Office of Geri N. Kahn represents clients in securing Social Security disability benefits when a disability keeps them from working. Geri understands the hardships faced by many San Francisco and Benicia residents, and helps her clients access financial support.

    Social Security Disability Insurance

    At the Law Office of Geri N. Kahn, we can help you claim benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Geri walks clients through the process of determining eligibility and applying for Social Security disability benefits, and when required, appealing a denial.

    Supplemental Security Income

    If you are disabled, blind or age 65 or over and are a U.S. citizen, you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This program provides monthly cash payments to adults and children with low income and a qualifying disability. Obtaining SSI benefits has proven difficult for many, but Geri uses her experience to help those who either need to apply for the first time or need to appeal a denial.

    The Law Office of Geri N. Kahn Is Ready to Help You

    If you or a loved one needs assistance with an immigration or Social Security disability matter, contact the Law Office of Geri N. Kahn. Our team is ready to help. Request a consultation above, or call us at our San Francisco office at (415) 397-5446 or our Benicia office at (707) 746-1813.

    San Francisco Social Security Disability & Immigration Law Firm

    The Law Office of Geri N. Kahn assists San Francisco Bay Area residents with immigration and Social Security disability cases.
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    Immigration and Nationality Law

    Finding the right immigration law attorney isn’t always easy. Whether you are facing deportation, need a visa or are seeking political asylum, we can help.
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    Social Security Disability Law

    Getting approved for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult. With denials on the rise, having an experienced SSDI attorney can be the difference