Legal resources for Ukrainians fleeing to Romania, Poland and the United States

I have received many inquiries lately from people asking about legal help for their loved ones or friends who are fleeing Ukraine due to the war waged by Russia in Ukraine. (I do not think we can continue calling it an invasion. It seems like all out war to me.) I am going to place the resources I have been able to find in this blog post.


My information about Poland comes from several attorneys who belong to Facebook groups:

Switzerland with Ukraine – A Facebook group that is coordinating the work of volunteers in Switzerland to help Ukraine. Their assistance includes fundraising, humanitarian aid, assistance to persons fleeing Ukraine, legal and psychological referrals. This is a very helpful site. Just on the first page are links to people who can help with transportation, translations, medical care and pets.

Ukrainian lawyers – A Facebook group organized by Polish and Ukrainian lawyers who are providing legal help, pro bono, to Ukrainian citizens who are trying to get into Poland. The page has very practical advice. Many posts are written in Polish. It is helpful to use google translate for those. Many are also written in English.


Refugees Welcome to Romania -A Facebook group which claims to be the largest online refugee support group in Romania. It is unclear who exactly is sponsoring this group but they have solid, good information on their Facebook page. Most posts are in Romanian.

United For Ukraine – A Facebook coordinating group in Romania intended for volunteers, donors, all who want to get involved, to help. Posts are written in Ukrainian and in Romanian. They are very welcoming and encourage Romanians to seek help through the Facebook page. They have prepared written guides to download off the page.

UNHCR – Romania – This is the website for the UN Refugee Agency. This is also a very welcoming page. They state, “If you are coming from Ukraine and need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.” The page provides all of their contact information. There is also a link to their partner organization, the Romanian National Council for Refugees (CNRR), the organization “on the ground.”

ADSA – This is an association of lawyers in Romania. (Translated into English (by Google) their name is, “Association for the Dialog and Solidarity of Lawyers in Romania.” ) Their website is only in Romanian, however right in the front there is an article that they, along with a Bar Association in Bucharest are helping refugees from Ukraine to relocate to Romania. They are collecting food and donations for this effort. It is not clear what kind of legal advice they are providing, however presumably, since it is an association of lawyers, they would be willing to donate some legal advice as well. – A new website for refugees where people can find an interactive map with important information about how to find services in Romania. There is information about shelter, food, transportation, medicine, child care, pet care, translation, goods, and supplies.


Unfortunately there is nothing new, here, yet. We are hopeful that President Biden may announce a program of Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”) for those individuals in the United States who cannot leave right now due to conditions in Ukraine. People have also asked President Biden to admit Ukrainians in as refugees. This has not happened yet. In the meantime, people who can, should apply for whatever legal status they are eligible to apply for. Coming to the United States is a long term solution. Nothing will happen quickly.

I will update this page as long as I learn of more information. If you find something that should be included, please let me know.

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