How can I prove I am disabled if I cannot get treatment because I can’t afford it?

One of the difficulties indigent claimants face is proving that they are disabled when they have not sought out medical treatment.  It is a vicious circle.  They would have sought treatment if they could have afforded health insurance but because they could not afford health insurance, they did not go to the doctor.  They are  ill but cannot prove it.   It is probably this group of people who need Social Security disability the most, yet it is the hardest for them to receive it.
How do you convince a judge that you are truly disabled when the medical records are non existent?  The only answer is that you have to start making a record.   Every county has a clinic or hospital that will see  indigent persons.  Yes, these clinics and hospitals are strapped for cash right now, but they exist.  Go to your nearest clinic or hospital and seek out  services.  And then, keep going.  It is not enough to go once.
I found a good website hosted by the Northern California Family Center that has most of the free or low cost clinics on it that are located in Contra Costa County and the greater bay area.  It takes a lot of patience and time to obtain these services but seeking them out will help you in the long run in not only obtaining treatment for your condition but also in obtaining the evidence necessary for your case.

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