California monthly SSI payment amounts for 2008

I am often asked how much money will I get when I win my Social Security case and collect SSI.  I will give you a rough idea in the chart below.  The SSI payment in California consists of two parts:  a portion paid by the federal government and a portion paid by the State of California.  The federal portion in 2008 is $637.00 to a single person and $956.00 for a couple.  The State of California adds to that portion to make the total amount $870.00 for a single person and $1524.00 for a couple.  Not every person receives the maximum amount.  The amount could be different if a person has other income.  Here is the chart for an individual/couple living independently in 2008:
Elderly                                 Blind                              Disabled
$870.00/$1524.00         $935.00/$1751.00          $870.00/$1524.00
I will publish the amounts for 2009 in January.

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