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Reading the reviews of others will help you find the most qualified immigration and/or Social Security disability lawyer available. With many options in San Francisco and Benicia, read the reviews from our clients to see why we stand out from the rest.

From immigration and naturalization to Social Security disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income, we want to ensure that we provide clients with the best outcomes possible. Read what our clients are saying about us.

Bright Future

“As single woman, I arrived in the United States with my two young sons in 1998. In 2001 a friend of mine referred me to Attorney Kahn. I was seeking asylum from India. She won my case and I was able to raise my sons as a single parent in the United States. It is now May 2013 and my oldest son just attended his citizenship oath ceremony and my youngest son and myself are attending our ceremonies in June. Both of my sons have now graduated High School and have a bright future in the United States. From day one, Geri listened to me. She understood how I felt and she never treated me like just another client. She cared about what happened to me and my sons future. Throughout my case she remained in constant contact with, returned all of my calls, and more recently prepared my family for our citizenship interviews. If you want an attorney that you can trust and who really cares about outcome of your case she is the person to go to.”

Kept Me Informed

"I had a Social Security Disability case at the federal level. I had an attorney who could not handle the case. That attorney referred me to Geri. She told me Geri would be able to approach Federal cases better. I was really worried that I would be denied again. I had a bad attorney before, and I was worried to lose the case. However, I was satisfied with Geri because she was able to approach the hearing well, and she spoke well about my conditions. She was detailed in explaining how I could not work. It was wonderful because Geri would always keep me informed. She would help me with the situation, explain everything to me and my husband, and she was able to answer my questions and concerns. Geri went to the hearing, and I did not have to go. But during that time, I was really worried and anxious. After the hearing, my husband and I received detailed information from Geri as to what happened in the hearing. If I had a friend who needed a SS attorney, I would refer her to Geri because she is very thorough, helpful and understanding. Geri was very helpful; she helped me with the situation. My husband and I were very happy with the firm and hearing."

Extremely Kind and Passionate

"Geri N. Kahn and her team are extremely kind and passionate. This was a very difficult journey to take. It wasn’t that I wanted social security disability benefits; the fact was that I needed SSDI to live. When I initially applied to SSA, I was told that I would receive my benefits once my state disability ran out. But for some reason, SSA flipped that decision and denied it. They said I did not qualify. After this, I knew I needed help with my case, and I sought help from Geri. I am very grateful to her and her team. I am especially appreciative towards Toni, the legal assistant, for answering all of my questions/concerns. Ultimately, I am thankful for all of their support, organization, and knowledge. Geri N. Kahn has expertise and the “know-how” when presenting the facts of your case, if you unfortunately have one. The fact is trust in their logo with the golden horse jumping over the obstacle."

Turned Out Great

"I was looking for a lawyer, because I was denied for Social Security Disability twice. Being so young, I never thought I would have to do this at 40 years old. I happened to find Geri while searching through the internet, and she stood out to me. My largest concern was not being sure if I would be approved because of my age. But it turned out great. There were some hard scenarios that came up in the hearing. But Geri navigated through those obstacles really well. She defended me so well that I was shocked. I felt reassured and was glad that she was my lawyer. The people at the firm are amazing. They were there, especially Toni. She is a Legal Assistant at the firm and was always helpful. She answered all my questions/concerns, and I could call her till this day if I had any questions about Social Security Disability. I highly recommend Geri and would tell my friends that the firm is beyond efficient. It was really good. Actually, it was excellent. They were even able to get my hearing date in sooner, and they are super dependable."

Always Going Above and Beyond

"At first, I thought I could handle my Social Security Disability claim by myself. Then, I went to my first hearing and was denied. There, I realized that I cannot do it alone. So, I contacted some attorneys around my area; then, Solano County referred me to Geri Kahn. I told her my largest concern which was presenting my case to the court. Also, I had a lot of stuff to gather, like medical records, and did not know what information to compile. Geri and her team were proactive and got all the information for my case. I was also homeless at the time; so, I thought it would be hard for them to contact me. But Geri was on top of it and was able to communicate with me by reaching out to my family. She was always going above and beyond. If any of my friends needed a Social Security Disability attorney, I would tell them that they would want Geri to represent them. Overall, it was a 100/100 experience. I was not confident in winning, but it was easily won thanks to Geri."

Would Not Have Won Without Geri

“I filed for SSDI on my own. When I filed I knew that I’d most likely get denied. I had been warned by my aunt that I would be denied once, twice or maybe even three times. Once I was at the hearing level my aunt referred me to Geri. If someone were to ask me when to hire an attorney I would tell them to hire one after the first denial. Let the attorney do the work because receiving denial after denial is stressful and even more stressful when you are barely making ends meet. ​ The SSA does not take the time to explain the details when you are in their office. I felt at times that I was being rushed because of lack of resources on their end. After waiting hours to see someone, I felt rushed to answer the questions. I did not feel that I had the time to provide thoughtful responses. I left the office thinking that I left out so many things. ​ I would recommend Geri. I would not have won my case without her.”


I have been blessed to find an excellent Attorney, this can be a stressful time for anyone but it doesn't have to be I recommend that you call Geri N Kahn to bad they only give 5 stars. The service they provided is 10 stars you want to relieve that stress make her your Attorney, thank you Geri for the excellent service.
Wendell Rose

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